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Artificial Bio Organs

Prelims – Science and Technology

1. In order to strengthen Indo-Australian Cooperation and achieve the development of the 3D printing industry in both the countries, Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone (AMTZ) has recently organized a one-day workshop on Organ Bio Printing.

2. 3D Bio-printing is an innovative technology that covers all medical disciplines and offers new opportunities in diagnostics and therapy.

3. It has an immense application from diagnostic visualization to surgical planning, patient-specific models provide an added value for patients and physicians.

About AMTZ

1. AMTZ is one of the largest 3D printing facilities in the world with diverse materials and diverse applications.

2. It has also launched a new initiative - Bio Harmonised Aids for Rehabilitation and Treatment (BHARAT), to develop at least 10 organs by 3D Bioprinting.

About 3D bio-printing

1. Bioprinting is an additive manufacturing process where biomaterials such as cells and growth factors are combined to create tissue-like structures that imitate natural tissues.

2. The technology uses a material known as bio-ink to create these structures in a layer-by-layer manner. The technique is widely applicable to the fields of medicine and bioengineering.

3. Recently, technology has even made advancements in the production of cartilage tissue for use in reconstruction and regeneration.

Source: PIB