Asiatic Lion


a) A dedicated Asiatic Lion Conservation Project was launched by the Central Government .

b) The Union Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change(MoEFCC) approved the project for three years from 2019-21.

About Asiatic Lion

a)The Asiatic Lion is endemic to Gir landscape of Gujarat.

b) It is one of the 21 critically endangered species .

c) It is listed in Schedule-I of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 .

d) It will be accorded the highest degree of protection.

e) There are about 700 lions presently in the Gir Forest .

Asiatic Lion Conservation Project

a)The project envisages a scientific management with involvement of communities in coordination with multi-sectoral agencies for disease control and veterinary care for overall conservation of Lion.

b)This project has Species Conservation over a large landscape approach.

c)The Greater Gir Region(GGR) is being divided into various zones and management approach of Zone Plans and Theme Plans for the conservation of the Asiatic Lion.

d)Zone Plans include the Core Zone, the Sanctuary Zone, the buffer Zone.

e)Theme Plans include :

i) Habitat improvement, protection, wildlife health service

ii) addressing to man-wild animal conflict issues

iii) eco-development and voluntary relocation of  resident people

iv) research and monitoring, awareness generation, and ecotourism

f) This project would be beneficial in further strengthening the conservation and protection of Asiatic Lion in the country.

Source- PIB