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Climate Change and Migration

Mains -GS3- Environment, Mains -GS1- Geography

1. Human migration due to changing climate happens primarily in middle income and agricultural-dependent countries.

2. Changes in temperature, rainfall variability and rapid onset events like storms, cyclones and floods force humans to migrate.

3. Environmental factors can drive migration, but the size of the effects depends on the particular economic and socio-political conditions in the countries.

4. While in low-income countries people are too poor to leave and become trapped, in high-income countries people have enough financial means to absorb the consequences.

5. In middle-income regions and those with a dependency on agriculture, the migrations are high.

6. Climate refugees are not just movements of people from low income to high-income countries rather a complex process involving many economic and socio-political factors.

Way Forward

1. As climate change impacts become more and more common globally, the tendency for human populations to move away from the most affected regions will also increase.

2. The issue needs to be recognised and addressed with region-specific models.

Source: Down To Earth