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Climate Impact Lab Study

Prelims- Environment, Mains-GS2-Social Justice

1. Recently the ‘Climate Change and Heat-Induced Mortality in India’ study was conducted by the Climate Impact Lab and the Tata Centre for Development, University of Chicago.

2. The report concludes that excess deaths are happening in India due to climate change.


1. It has projected that 1.5 million more Indians may die per year from extreme heat due to climate change by 2100.

2. The reason for it is India’s energy use will double in the next 20 years and it will be driven largely by fossil fuels. So, carbon emissions will increase.

3. This projected death rate is double the current death rate from oral cancer in India, the most common cancer in the country.

4. The report says the average annual temperature in India is expected to increase from 24°C to 28°C.

5. The number of extremely hot days (above 35°C) across India is expected to increase by over eight times. Odisha is projected to see the highest increase in the number of extremely hot days.

6. As per the report, the risks associated with extreme temperatures vary around the world and are dependent upon the wealth of a country.

About Climate Impact Lab

1. It is a unique collaboration of more than 30 climate scientists, economists, experts and students from some of the nation’s leading research institutions.

2. It seeks to project the future costs of climate change.

3. The lab has developed an approach that uses detailed historical climate data to derive actionable information about the future.

Source- Indian Express