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Cyber Security


Sophos has recently published a report on cyber security in companies - 'The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan'.

Insight into India

1. There has been increased severity and frequency on cyber-attacks on Indian companies.

2. Despite this, 80% of Indian organizations have struggled to adequately educate their leaders and employees regarding cybersecurity.

3. But the increase in cyberattacks, cybersecurity budgets have remained stagnant.

4. Managements continue to underestimate the level of damage the attack can do to organizations.

5. 56% of Indian organizations were not running up-to-date cybersecurity protection.

6. In India executives assume that their organization will never get attacked.

7. They also assume that nothing can be done to stop their organization from being compromised.

Way forward

1.  During times of data breaches and sophisticated cyberattacks, cybersecurity preparedness is paramount.

2.  It is vital for businesses to educate their leaders and employees about the seriousness of cyberattacks.

Source : Livemint