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DHRUV Programme

What is DHRUV?

1. It is a programme to create an innovative learning programme for talented children studying in the 8th to 12th standard.

2. It was launched by the Union Ministry of Human Resource and Development.

3. This programme will have a great impact on the lives of extraordinarily talented students.

Why is DHRUV programme special?

1. It will act as a platform to explore the talent of outshining and meritorious students.

2. It is going to be embedded in the Department of school education from where talented children can be identified.

3. It will help the children to achieve excellence in their specific areas of interest such as science, performing arts, creative writing, etc.

4. Talented students will be able to realize their full potential and also contribute to society.

5. With children drawn from all over the country, the DHRUV programme reflects the true spirit of EK Bharat Shreshth Bharat.

6. Peer learning will also be encouraged.

7. These students will be visiting important places of scientific and cultural interest and will participate in various activities.

8. Students will be able to interact with renowned mentors from within and outside the country.

9. Mentors who have excelled in innovation in non-science and non-performing arts fields will also interact with the students.

Who are all selected for this programme?

1. 60 students have been selected in the first batch of DHRUV programme from across the country.

2. The students have been broadly chosen from classes 9 to 12, from all schools including government and private.

3. It includes both students of performing arts and of science.

4. 30 students from each of these two areas, Science and Performing Arts, are selected.

5. The students selected are expected to reach the highest levels in their chosen fields and contribute to the community, State and Nation.

How will the programme function?

1. In centers of excellence across the country, talented children will be mentored and nurtured by experts in different areas for them to reach their full potential.

2. A 14 days programme has been organized for these students in which the science and performing arts students will be separated into two groups.

3. The science students will be divided into 3 groups of 10 each and also the performing arts students into 3 groups of 10 each.

4. Each group from science stream will be required to produce a project under the mentorship of experts from the field of science.

5. Similarly, each group in performing arts will be mentored by icons from the field of culture and will be required to choreograph a programme.

6. All the six teams will be given themes relevant to issues being faced globally like environmental change, pollution, terrorism, etc.

7. This program will be expanded gradually to other fields.

Dhruv is expected to create the best data of human resources in the country who could be mentored until they achieve their dreams and do something for the country in realizing its dream of becoming Vishwa Guru.