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E-Dantseva & Ganga Amantran

Prelims- Miscellaneous

E-Dantseva website

1. It is the first-ever national digital platform on oral health information and knowledge dissemination.

2. It seeks to reach out to more than one billion people through a dedicated website and mobile applications.

3. The portal contains information about the National Oral Health Program. It provides information on symptoms of dental or oral health problems.

About National Oral Health Programme

1. It was launched during 2014 -15 to strengthen the public health facilities of the country for an accessible, affordable oral health care delivery.

2. The objective of the programme is to reduce disparity in oral health accessibility in rural and urban populations.

3. It seeks to reduce morbidity from oral diseases by strengthening oral health services at the Sub-district/district hospital to start with.

4. It promotes the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) for achieving public health goals

Ganga Amantran

1. This is the first-ever effort by National Mission for Clean Ganga to raft across the entire stretch of the river.

2. It is the longest ever social campaign undertaken through an adventure sporting activity to spread the message of River Rejuvenation and Water Conservation on a massive scale.

3. It encompasses the five Ganga basin states including Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, and West Bengal.

4. The Expedition would comprise of members primarily from the Indian Armed Forces.

About National Mission for Clean Ganga

1. It registered as a society in 2011 under the Societies Registration Act 1860. It acted as the implementation arm of the National Ganga River Basin Authority(NGRBA).

2. NGRBA has since been dissolved with effect from 2016.

3. NMCG has a two-tier management structure and comprises of Governing Council and Executive Committee.

4. Both of the tiers are headed by the Director-General (DG), NMCG.

5. This structure attempts to bring all stakeholders on one platform to take a holistic approach towards the task of Ganga cleaning and rejuvenation.