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Energy Horizons: Solutions to Global Energy Transitions

How does the present energy challenge needs to be addressed?

1. The Energy challenge is a multi-pronged challenge where fossil fuels requirements should be met for required growth projections but at the same time climate change challenges also should be considered.

2. This is possible if a balance between economic needs and environmental aspects is maintained by reducing fossil fuel consumption and promoting eco-friendly fuels.

In what way the transition towards electric vehicles must be?

1. A sudden transformation towards electric vehicles cannot be done without looking at the needs of the economy.

2. The private sector, consumers and government sectors together can play a very important role.

3. To increase the involvement of private sectors a clear roadmap should be made, and proper incentives shall be provided by the government.

4. The transition towards electric vehicles must consider the needed battery infrastructures, availability of recharging stations, etc.

5. An integrated approach by government is needed to make such transitions successful.

Which other renewable sources can be used as fuel for vehicles in India?

1. India, being a tropical country, has the advantage of location over European nations that provides it a good amount of solar energy.

2. It also has a long coastline which provides wind energy and lot of rivers are present providing energy from water.

3. But in the case of automobile sector, electrical energy is a tried and tested model in other nations and should be the focus.

4. Biomass is also another fuel which can be used which needs proper research in this to make its use in automobiles feasible.

Where is the way ahead?

1. Schemes like “Ujjawala” and “Give up LPG subsidy” have focussed on energy needs of the society.

2. This move also had environmental and social benefits as it brought a transformation from use of woods as fuel in villages to use of gas (LPG).

3. The government needs to follow an integrated approach to bring a transformation in energy use by considering the economic needs and environmental concerns.