Enhancing the Health Infrastructure of the Country

What are the programmes launched by the GoI in Haryana?

1. Inauguration of ESIC Medical College & Hospital, Faridabad

2. Laying of foundation stone of National Institute of Ayurveda, Panchkula

3. Laying of foundation stone of Sri Krishna Ayush University, Kurukshetra

4. Laying of Foundation Stone of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay University of Health Sciences, Karnal

5. Dedication to Nation of National Cancer Institute, Bhadsa, Jhajjar

How is the Healthcare system structured?

1. Primary health centers (PHCs) are the first base for doctors, acting as referral units typically for six sub-centers.

2. PHCs function as the core, and flow into community health centers (CHCs) which is followed by sub-district and district hospitals.

3. At the top are medical colleges and advanced research institutes such as the All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Why has Haryana been chosen?

1. Haryana is almost a satellite state to Delhi. It has a lot of implications on the National Capital and image of the country.

2. The needs of the state itself is a reason for it to be chosen.

Which are the problems in the healthcare system at present?

1. Wide gaps between the rural and urban populations in its healthcare system.

2. The rural population mostly relies on alternative medicine and government programmes in rural health clinics.

3. High out-of-pocket expenditure.

4. India faces a growing need to fix its basic health concerns in the areas of HIV, malaria, tuberculosis etc.

5. The need for skilled medical graduates continues to grow, especially in rural areas, which fail to attract new graduates because of financial reasons.

Where does the solution lie?

1. Building staff capacity through nurse mentoring.

2. Ensuring the availability of critical basic equipment.

3. Raising community demand to draw political will.

4. Improving the effectiveness of grass-roots health workers.

5. Incentives for health care professionals to attract them to Tier 2 cities such as building AIIMS City with necessary facilities for doctors, schools for their children and basic amenities for their families.