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Environmental Degradation

Which are the signs of environmental degradation?

1. Air quality index touching dangerous high levels frequently.

2. Contamination of groundwater.

3. Receding water tables and coastal areas.

4. Rising of oceans.

5. Air pollution by vehicles and industries.

6. Clogging of entire ecosystem by plastic wastes.

7. Poor management of landfills.

8. Frequent floods and drought.

9. Abrupt weather cycle.

10. Crop pattern changes.

Why is development related to sustainability?

1. Sustainability and development go hand in hand.

2. The waste generated in the process of development is a burden to the environment if not properly managed. 

3. Single-use plastic is an example of the use-and-throw culture of waste generation developed over the years. 

4. Economy is also in general impacted by climate change and mitigation. 

What is the role played by India? 

1. India has shown leadership and commitment on environmental issues.

2. It is working towards achieving targets for renewable energy under the Paris Agreement, setting vehicle emission norms and pushing for e-vehicles.

3. India’s contribution to Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure and International Solar Alliance are some examples.

How collective responsibilities promote sustainable development?

Collective responsibility of all to work together can provide a better future for the coming generations in terms of

1. A sustaining lifestyle

2. Adequate resources for all

3. Development that is not compromising the ecosystem

4. Flora-fauna and wildlife in safe hands

5. Land, water and air fir for humans and other forms of life.