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Mains- GS-2-International Relations

1. The Prime Minister of India is set to participate in the Outreach Sessions of the G7 Summit.


1. The G7 comprises the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Japan.

2. The UK currently holds the presidency of the G7.

3. It has invited India, along with Australia, Republic of Korea and South Africa, as guests.

The focus

1. This year G7 focuses on the following

a. Global recovery from coronavirus while strengthening resilience against future pandemics

b. Promoting future prosperity by championing free and fair trade

c. Trackling climate change and preserving the planet’s biodiversity

d. Championing shared values and open societies.


1. This is the second time India has been invited to the G7 meet.

2. Trump has already suggested the formation of G10 including India and other countries like South Korea etc.

3. It did not happen owing to the pandemic and US elections

India and G7 countries

1. India has called for reforming global institutions to reflect modern-day geopolitical realities. Proposal for G10 signals reformation.

3. The US is partnering with all like-minded countries to counter China. This helps India in balancing the geopolitics in the region.

4. India is likely to get vaccines from the US — both directly as well as through COVAX.

5. The US and UK need to take steps to create democratic alliance of 10-11 countries. This will benefit India.

6. The rapprochement of the US and Russia will be beneficial for India. This is because the US will now only focus on China.

Source : Indian Express