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Genomic Grid for India

Prelims – Science and Technology

Recently, the government had planned to set up a National Genomic Grid.

National Genomic Grid

1. The grid was set up with the purpose

a) To enhance cancer research in India and make treatment viable for people of different economic classes.

b) To study genomic data of cancer patients by collecting samples from cancer patients to study genomic factors influencing cancer and identifying the right treatment modalities for the Indian population.

2. The grid to be formed will be in line with the National Cancer Tissue Biobank (NCTB) set up at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.  

3. The grid will have four parts, with the country divided into east, west, north and south.

Other Progress

1. The government is on a mission to achieve the target of one doctor for every 1,000 people, a standard ratio set by the WHO, by 2022, against the current ratio of 1/1,400.

2. The government plans to increase the number of MBBS seats in the country from 42,000 to one lakh.

Source: The Hindu