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Global Labour Income Share and Distribution Report

Prelims- Economy, Mains-GS3- Economic Development

a) Recently the United Nations (UN) arm International Labour Organisation (ILO) has published ‘Global Labour Income Share and Distribution Report’.

b) It reports that just 10% of workers receive nearly half of global pay.

c) This assessment gives the first global estimates of the distribution of labour income.

d) It contains data from 189 countries and is drawn from the world’s largest collection of harmonized labour force survey data.

Situation in India

a) Top 10% earners in India made over 69% of the country’s labour income in 2017. It is in contrast to 0.25% made by the bottom 10% earners.

b) This gap has been consistent in India since 2004.

c) While the pay inequality has remained consistent in India, it has reduced at the global workplace in the last 13 years.

Source- Indian Express