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Graded Response Action Plan

Mains-GS3-Environment, Mains-GS2- Governance

What is GRAP?

1. Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) was launched to reduce Urban Air Pollution, especially in Delhi and the National Capital Region.

2. The plan was approved by the Supreme Court in 2016.

3. GRAP works only as an emergency measure. It doesn’t include actions to be taken throughout the year to tackle industrial, vehicular and combustion emissions.

4. It lists the control and mitigation measures related to a reduction in emissions when the air quality shifts from poor to very poor.

Who enforces the plan?

1. The Environment Pollution Prevention and Control Authority (EPCA) was constituted in 1998 by the Supreme Court.

2. The body monitors the pollution and assists the Supreme Court in several pollution-related matters.

3. It has been empowered to enforce the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP).

Which measures are listed?

1. Under the GRAP plan, the following measures are suggested to control the pollution in the NCR region.

a) Prohibition on the entry of trucks into Delhi

b) Ban on construction activities and brick kilns

c) Introduction of odd and even scheme for private vehicles

d) Shutting of schools and Badarpur power plant

e) Ban on diesel generator sets, garbage burning in landfills, etc.

2. The nature of the measures to be taken is linked to levels of pollution after due consideration by authorities concerned,

a) Severe + or Emergency

b) Severe

c) Very poor

d) Moderate to poor

e)  Moderate

How has the plan helped?

1. The biggest success of the plan has been in fixing accountability and deadlines. Executive agencies are clearly marked for each action to be taken.

2. It has enhanced the coordination among as many as 13 agencies from four states to promote effective governance.

3. The plan has helped to control the worsening pollution in the capital region, especially in winter months.

Where the concerns lie?

1. Provisions are not enforced strictly in the areas other than Delhi in the National Capital Region.

2. The rising pollution has not been effectively curbed.

Source- Indian Express