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India and Bangladesh

Prime Minister of Bangladesh met with Prime Minister of India in October 2019.

How are India-Bangladesh relations evolving?

1. The relations between the two nations have been improving constantly since 1971.

2. The 2 nations share a long international boundary of 4156 km.

3. Frequent meetings at ministerial levels have helped in evolving their relationship constantly.

4. As per the latest report of Asian Development Bank, Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies of the Asia Pacific region.

5. India’s economy is developing in the service sector while Bangladesh’s economy is developing in the manufacturing sector.

6. With India-Bangladesh trade crossing US $ 10 billion in FY 2018-19, it has the potential to grow further.

What is significant about the meeting?

1. At least 7 agreements were signed between the two nations during the visit.

2. Discussions in the areas of defence, border management, and Maritime Security Partnership were held.

3. Both sides have recognized the need for increased connectivity through air, water, rail and roads for enhancing economic cooperation between Bangladesh and North Eastern states of India and beyond.

4. Standard Operating Procedures for the use of Chittogram and Mongla Ports was concluded for movement of goods across the 2 nations.

5. This will help in the movement of between India, Bangladesh and further to Myanmar.

6. To boost cross border energy trade, a project on sourcing of bulk LPG from Bangladesh to Tripura by using Bangladesh trucks was inaugurated.

7. MoU was signed on the use of water from the Feni River by India for drinking water supply for Tripura.

8. An MoU was signed on cooperation in youth affairs.

9. Both leaders agreed to enhance cultural interactions between the two nations.

10. These steps will lead to economic development and prosperity of border areas of both the nations.

11. This bilateral relation also highlights the significance of India’s Neighbourhood First policy.

Why is India interested in Rohingya issue?

1. Rohingya issue is a concern for India also, as it poses a threat to the internal security of the nation.

2. India has built resident homes in Myanmar for Rohingyas and handed them to the State Government in the Rakhine province.

3. But the process of return of Rohingyas from refugee camps in Bangladesh to Myanmar has not been fast.

4. So, India should be in constant discussion and work towards a smooth return process of Rohingyas to Myanmar.