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Internet vulnerability


1. The Fastly internet outage raises questions about how vulnerable the global internet is to more serious disruption.

Why is edge computing important ?

1. Fastly is a company that provides content distribution network service through “edge server” computing technology.

2. This technology is used to shorten the time necessary for accessing the data in the internet.

3. This is enabled by storing data in decentralized mirror servers across 26 countries.

4. When the data is closer to the user , the speed of access is faster.

How disruption in Fastly cascade?

1. Fastly’s customers are news sites that use fastly's technology to update their websites with breaking news.

2. The New York Times, Shopify, the Guardian, Ticketmaster, Pinterest, Etsy, Wayfair and Stripe use fastly.

3. An outage in the firm's technology  knocked out a lot of top internet destinations recently.

4. Also Fastly’s traffic dropped 75% for about an hour.

5. Moving to other such service providers cannot happen all of a sudden.

6. Many businesses would have had to scramble and might have suffered losses if they chose to move to other service providers immediately.

Which are the other vulnerable areas of the Internet?

1. Like content distribution services , cloud computing services are also provided by a limited number of players.

2. Example being Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft.

3. Amazon, the biggest cloud provider, periodically has brief outages.

4. This causes big discomfort to the consumers.

When can the internet experience outage ?

1. During a major cyberattack.

2. During a fire accident that destroys the infrastructure.

3. During a catastrophic natural disaster.

What can the federal government do ?

1. Federal government can set new standards for security at companies that control vast data resources online.

2. It has already begun to tighten up cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructure in the energy sector.

Where does the solution lie ?

1. More players have to be there in a segment to reduce vulnerability and dependency.

2. Businesses should store some data locally to handle the situation of outage.

3. Over dependence on the internet should be reduced.

4. Individuals and businesses should rethink the extent to which the cloud can be used to process or store data.

Source : Indian Express

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