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Media Freedom

Mains- GS-2-Polity

1. Madras High Court observed that the Election Commission (EC) should be charged with murder for its failure to curb the violation of Covid-19 protocols during election rallies.

2. An appeal in Supreme court was filed by the EC complaining the harsh observations by the Madras High Court.

3. The EC claims these criticisms by the Madras High Court was without any evidence.

Supreme Court Judgement

1. The Supreme Court regarded HC's observations in the course of hearings of matters was in the public interest.

2. It also stated that the media should be able to report everything to create accountability.

3. So, media cannot be restrained from reporting oral observations made by judges.

4. Also, the Supreme Court held that the high court judges cannot be told to confine themselves only to the pleadings.

5. Strong observation by the high court needed to be taken in the right spirit as they are rooted in for certain lapses during electioneering.

6. HC are looking at the ground reality and issuing orders.

7. HC passes judgements on the basis of past experience or after a series of orders not being complied with.

Source : Deccan chronicle