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Meeting Future Energy Needs

How do renewable energy sources contribute to a nation’s growth?

1. Renewable energy sources are crucial strategic national resource.

2. Harnessing sustainable energy resources becomes important while planning for energy programmes.

3. These energy sources help to protect the environment, promote investment and conserve ecology.

4. Hence, meeting the nation’s energy requirements are high on the agenda of any government.

Why is renewable energy important for India?

1. India has a very high dependence on fossil fuels for its energy requirements.

2. Fossil fuels are likely to be exhausted as they are not replenishable.

3. India is heavily dependent on imported oil, gas and coal to meet its energy requirements.

4. Thermal plants are highly polluting.

5. Need for energy is increasing at an alarming rate.

6. The need of the hour is increased energy supply which is replenishable and at the same time does not damage the environment.

Where does India’s INDC (Intended Nationally Determined Contributions) centre around?

1. Promotion of clean energy.

2. Enhancement of energy efficiency.

3. Safe, smart and sustainable green transportation network.

4. Abatement of pollution.

5. India's efforts to enhance carbon sink through creation of forest and tree cover.

Which energy sources can help in mitigation of environmental pollution in India?

1. Solar energy, biogas, geo-thermal energy and ocean energy can be helpful in this regard.

2. Energy harnessed from oceans is still at a nascent stage in India.

3. Therefore, geo-thermal energy is a viable option as it can provide clean energy for both electric power production and direct heat applications.

4. Biogas as an energy source can be a boon to rural India as it not only eases the energy situation but also ensure waste recovery (agriculture and dairy waste) in these areas.

What are the challenges and solutions?

1. Financing renewable resources is a major issue.

2. Financial assistance in the form of low-interest rate, long term loan guarantees can address the high capital costs of creating renewable energy sources.

3. Institutional finance can also solve this problem.

4. Concerted efforts are required to harness renewable energy sources so that India can honor its commitments as per the Paris Accord on Climate Change.