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National e-Assessment Scheme


1. Ministry of Finance inaugurated the National e-Assessment Centre to monitor the National e-Assessment Scheme (NEAC).

2. The scheme seeks to introduce the faceless e-assessment to impart greater efficiency, transparency and accountability in the assessment process.

About Faceless e-Assessment

1. Faceless e-assessment means there would be no physical interface between the taxpayers and the tax officers.

2. Completely electronic communication would be established between tax officials and taxpayers.

3. Under the new system of faceless e-Assessment, taxpayers will receive notices on their registered accounts.

4. The replies to the notices can be sent by the taxpayers on their own by uploading the same on the designated web portal.

Benefits of Faceless Assessment

 1. It eliminates human interface between the tax officers and taxpayers.

2. It optimizes the utilization of resources through economies of scale.

3. It introduces a team-based assessment with dynamic jurisdiction.

4. It brings transparency and efficiency, thus improves the quality of assessment and monitoring

About National e-Assessment Centre

1. It will be an independent office that will look after the work of the e-Assessment scheme.

2. There would be a NEAC in Delhi headed by Principal Chief Commissioner of Income Tax.

3. There are eight Regional e-Assessment Centres to be set up at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata Ahmedabad, Pune, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Source- The Hindu and PIB