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Ethics Panel

Prelims – Polity

1. The Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha is set to form a code of conduct for MPs in the Lower House.

2. A similar code of conduct had come into force for the Rajya Sabha MPs in 2005.

3. The 14-member committee would study the code of conduct for the lawmakers in the US, UK, and other countries and provide their suggestions.

4. It is necessary to lay down a format on code of conduct as the remarks on the floor of the House spread fast through media channels.

5. So the MPs will have to follow certain decorum in speaking inside the House as well as outside.

6. Ethics committee enforces the code of conduct of MPs and examines the cases of misconduct and recommends appropriate action.

Source: The Indian Express

CO2 eating Bacteria

Prelims – Science and Technology

1. A new strain of the bacteria Escherichia coli, or E. coli, that eats CO2 for energy rather than organic compounds like sugars and fats has been created.

2. The process currently produces more CO2 than it consumes but it could lead to carbon-neutral energy sources in the future.

3. In future, it has the potential to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into food, fuel and organic chemicals that humans can use.

Source: The Hindu


Prelims - Miscellaneous

1. The MITRA SHAKTI is held between the armies of India and Sri Lanka

2. It is aimed at enhancing interoperability and operational efficiency amongst the armies of both countries.

3. The objective of the exercise is to build and promote positive relations between armies of both the countries through focus on counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the urban and rural environments. 

Source: AIR

Hornbill Festival

Prelims – Art and Culture

1. The 20th edition of the Hornbill Festival is held in Nagaland.

2. The festival is organized by Nagaland Government.

3. It is an annual tourism promotional event to showcase the state’s traditional and rich cultural heritage in all its ethnicity, diversity and grandeur.

3. It encourages inter-tribal interaction and promotes cultural heritage of Nagaland.

Source: AIR

Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System

Prelims – Polity

1. The Election Commission of India has reviewed the system and process of registration of political parties, effective from 2020.

2. The “Political Parties Registration Tracking Management System” (PPRTMS) will be implemented through an online portal, to facilitate tracking of the status of an application by applicants. 

3. The Registration of Political Parties is governed by the provisions of section 29A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. 

Source: PIB