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India and Mauritius


1. India and Mauritius signed a $100 million Defence Line of Credit agreement.

2. It enables the procurement of defence assets from India.

2. It was a part of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement (CECPA) .

3. Comprehensive Economic Cooperation and Partnership Agreement will help focus on post pandemic economic recovery.

4. Under the CECPA, preferential access to a number of items like surgical equipment, medicine, and textile products would be provided.

Source : Thehindu



1. It is expanded as a Vertically Launched-Short Range Surface to Air Missile.

2. It is an indigenously developed advanced air defense system that provides a single integrated solution for multiple aerial threats from different ranges.

3. Vertical launch of the missile will ensure 360-degree interception.

4. It has an active high-end radio frequency seeker for targets with low radar cross-sections and high maneuverability.

5. It was developed and recently tested by DRDO.

Source : newindianexpress 

Railways and cyber security


1. Recently Railways has roped in the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) to educate its officials.

2. C-DAC will train officials on Internet ethics, cyber hygiene and best practices.

3. This is a part of National Cyber Security Strategy.

4. Recently railways noticed breaches in various IT applications.

5. Incidents occurred due to “improper handling of the IT assets by the personnel”.

Source : the Hindu

Coronavirus Mutations In India

Prelims- Science & Technology

1. Over 7000 coronavirus mutations in India are observed by the scientists of CCMB(a CSIR lab in Hyderabad).

2. The variant  N440K is spreading a lot more in the southern states.

3. India has sequenced 6,400 genomes of the over 10.4 million recorded cases.

4. An Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortia (INSACOG) comprising 10 institutes was also formed for the purpose of sequencing.

Source: Livemint 

New power source

Prelims- Science & Technology

1. Scientists have found a new Lead (Pb) free material ( Cadmium (Cd) doped Silver Antimony Telluride) which can efficiently convert waste heat to power.

2. It can run small home equipment and automobiles.

3. Thermoelectric energy conversion allows generation of electrical voltage when one end of a material is heated while keeping the other side cold.

4. This material is discovered by DST institution - Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR).

Source : Pib