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Drive in Vaccination Center

Prelims- Science & Technology

1. Nation’s first 'Drive in Vaccination Center' inaugurated in Mumbai.

2. It was opened by Mumbai’s municipal corporation.

3. It will vaccinate those above 45 years of age eligible for their second dose of Covishield

4. The center also provides transportation facilities to the citizens not having their own vehicles.

Source : and AIR 



1. The scheme Production Linked Incentive Scheme for the Food Processing Industry (PLISFPI) will be implemented between 2021-22 to 2026-27.

2. The aim is to support creation of global food manufacturing champions commensurate with India's natural resource endowment.

3. The scheme also supports Indian brands of food products in the international markets.

4. Sales based incentives and grants for undertaking Branding and Marketing activities abroad is provided.

5. Types of Applicants

a. large entities applying for Incentive based on Sales and Investment Criteria.

b. Small and Medium Enterprises Applicants manufacturing innovative products applying for PLI Incentive based on Sales.

c. Applicants applying solely for grant for undertaking Branding and Marketing activities abroad.

Source: AIR 

COVID & Indian Navy


1. Naval Hospitals have been opened for use of civilians in various cities.

2. Navy Medical personnel have also been redeployed at various locations in the country to manage Covid duties.

3. The Navy is also transporting Oxygen Containers as well as other supplies from abroad to India.

4. Indian Navy has reached out to all state administrations and has offered help in terms of hospital beds, transportation and other such things.

5. Navy is helping increase oxygen availability in Lakshadweep as well as Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Source :PIB

Biodegradable Yoga Mat

Prelims- Science & Technology

1. A biodegradable and compostable yoga mat was developed from water hyacinth.

2. It was invented by the girls from the fishing community living in the fringe of the Deepor Beel.

3. The mat is called ‘Moorhen Yoga Mat’.

4. This mat would contribute significantly towards the environmental conservation and sustainability of Deepor Beel.

5. The intervention was triggered through an initiative by North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR), an autonomous body under Department of Science & Technology (DST)

Source : PIB

Autonomy of private schools

Prelims- Polity

1. The Supreme Court held that the States cannot impinge on the autonomy of private unaided schools to fix and collect ‘just’ and ‘permissible’ school fees from parents, especially in the name of the pandemic.

2. But the state can regulate the fee structure of private unaided schools to ensure that the school management does not indulge in profiteering and commercialisation.

3. This judgement was in response to Rajasthan government notification  to defer collection of fees.

Source :The Hindu