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Muslim Women Rights Day


1. Government  is observing July 31 as Muslim Women Rights Day, marking the first anniversary of the passage of the anti-triple talaq law in Parliament.

2.The law made the practice of instant Triple Talaq a cognisable and non-bailable offence.

3. The  ban on instant triple talaq is a huge step for the empowerment of women.

4. Practise of Triple Talaq is punishable with imprisonment for a term that may extend to three years and fine.

5. A married Muslim woman will be entitled to custody of her minor children in the event of pronouncement of talaq by her husband, in such manner as may be determined by the Magistrate

6, According to the Ministry of Minority affairs, after the passage of the law, there has been an 82% decrease in Triple Talaq cases in the country.

7. The practice of Triple Talaq is banned in Muslim-majority countries of Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Afghanistan, Pakistan.etc

Source: PIB.

Gandhi King bill


1. The bill seeks to establish an exchange program between India and the U.S. to study the work and legacies of Mahatma Gandhi and civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

2. The bill has passed an important Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.

3. The bill also seeks to establish the Gandhi-King Global Academy, a conflict resolution initiative based on the principles of non-violence.

4. It proposes the establishment of the United States-India Gandhi-King Development Foundation set up by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the government of India.

Source: The Hindu

Indian Rat Snake

Prelims- Environment

1. The Indian Rat Snake is non-venomous and will not attack unless cornered.

2. The Indian Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa) can sometimes grow to over 6 feet in length.

3. They are not very aggressive by nature, but if threatened by humans or animals bigger than them, their first response is to try and escape

4. If cornered though, they inflate their throat and release a growl, before striking vigorously.

5. Indian Rat Snake is widely distributed across South and Southeast Asia.

6. It can adapt quickly to a variety of habits: arid land, open fields, farmland, coastal regions, freshwater or brackish water wetlands.

7. Rat Snakes are also called the farmer’s friend as it helps rid fields of rodents and does the same in urban settlements

Source: The Hindu.



1. Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) has launched an incubator capabilities enhancement program ‘AIM-iCREST’.

2. It is focused on creating high performing Startups.

3. AIM iCREST has been designed to enable the incubation ecosystem and act as a growth hack for AIM’s Atal and established incubators across the country.

4. The program aims at going beyond incubator capacity building. It focuses on knowledge creation and dissemination as well as in developing robust and active networks.

Source: PIB.

National AYUSH Mission


1. A dedicated Web-Portal for National AYUSH Mission to submit State Annual Action Plans, Utilization Certificates, Physical & Financial Progress report, information related to DBT etc.was launched.

2. Elements of the National AYUSH Mission are

A. Obligatory Components

(i) AYUSH Educational Institutions.

(ii) AYUSH Services.

(iii) Medicinal Plants

(iv) Quality Control of ASU&H Drugs.

B. Flexible Components

(i)AYUSH Wellness Centres comprising Yoga and Naturopathy.

(ii) Tele-medicine.

(iii) Sports Medicine through AYUSH.

(iv) Innovations in AYUSH including Public Private Partnership

Source: PIB.