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Revamping of Farm and Non-Farm Rural Sector

The Union budget 2019-20 focusses on revamping agriculture and rural non-farm sector.

What has been the condition of agriculture sector and farmers in India?

1. Agriculture was the first priority in the planning period.

2. Agriculture provides food, raw materials for industries and items for exports.

3. India gradually turned to a food exporting country from a food importing country.

4. The yield and output improved but the economic condition of farmers did not improve as such due to the division and sub-division of land.

5. In India, 60% of the population depends on agriculture but it contributes only 14% in the national Gross Domestic Product.

How is the budget supporting the sector?

1. Budget has been allocated to build 1.25 lakh kilometers of roads to link up different areas and villages.

2. Prime Minister’s aim to double the farmer’s income by 2022 depends on the series of factors including the installation of agro-based units.

3. It aims to train 75000 entrepreneurs concerned with agricultural and rural  .

4. Farm producers’ company would be helped by small business consortium and National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to enhance farm income and employment.

5. Zero-budget cultivation is being promoted to reduce the cost involved due to the use of chemicals.

6. Escalating the use of chemicals is affecting environmental balance – air, water and soil.

7. Use of organic farm products and home-made farm inputs has been recommended to achieve agriculture development with a sustainable environment.

8. Government of India has announced a new procurement policy in which some other farm products would be included in the state.

9. In this new policy, crops other than wheat and paddy would have their assured marketing.

10. The government aims to provide electric connection to every house by 2022.

11. Economic support will be provided to women in Self-Help groups by giving them Rs 1 lakh as loan.

12. 20 million farmers would be provided digital education needed for modern agriculture and farm practices.

Where is the improvement required?

1. New education policy to enhance research in different aspects is needed.

2. A National Research Foundation is to be established.

3. Efforts should be made to make maximum universities globally competitive.

4. The new enterprises in villages must help to generate new employment opportunities.

5. Revamping of the rural sector is needed as it can help in developing the country’s economy.