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Sea level rise in ports

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a) As per the Ministry of Earth Sciences, four ports, Diamond Harbour, Kandla, Haldia and Port Blair, in India recorded a higher sea-level rise than the global average

b) The data says that Diamond Harbour in West Bengal located at the mouth of the river Hooghly has recorded the maximum sea level increase.

c) Mean sea level rise for Diamond Harbour was based on recordings over the period from 1948 to 2005.

d) Chennai and Mumbai recorded a sea level rise far below the global and the national averages.

Connection with Global Warming

a) Sea level rise is said to be linked with global warming.

b) As per the fifth assessment report of the International Panel on Climate Change, the global sea level was rising at an average rate of 1.8 mm per year over the last century.

c) Rising sea levels can worsen the impacts of coastal hazards such as storm surge, tsunami, coastal floods, high waves and coastal erosion in the low-lying coastal areas.

d) Global Warming leads to internal expansion of water in oceans and thus a rise in the sea level.

Source- The Hindu