Secure Digital India

India is heading towards becoming a trillion-dollar digital economy and so, it's important to understand its implications, concerns and efforts needed to make it safe and secure.

How digital economy is evolving in India?

1. The transformation from the physical to digital has changed the way of interaction, administration of public services and financial transactions by government, businesses and citizens.

2. India’s growing digital footprint is evident by key indicators – internet penetration, availability of smartphones and government services online.

3. Upcoming ‘Smart Cities’ will optimize the utilization of resources and improve the standard of living.

4. Digitization increases automation and creates next-generation factories, industries, supply chains, products and services. This will be Industry 4.0.

5. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning will change the way businesses are run and algorithms will provide a limitless potential to mega-corporates.

What are the concerns of Digital Space?

1. The path to digitization is opening new and better avenues, but it also endangers the cybersecurity risk.

2. Cyber threats are emerging for industries, businesses and public safety.

3. Cyberspace has become the fifth domain of warfare. It is recognized as one of the top three risks by World Economic Forum 2018 Risk report along with environmental disasters.

4. There is an urgent need to beef up cybersecurity preparedness by a well-coordinated action plan by Government, Industry and end users.

Which are the key elements of the security landscape?

1. Some of the next generation cyber security strategy elements are –

  1. Security of Recognition Technologies
  2. Extended Perimeter Security with a focus on supply chain
  3. Context-Aware Security
  4. The shift from Detection to Response
  5.  Protecting Machines
  6. Providing Resiliency to e-infra
  7. Converging Security Disciplines

2. National Security Agencies and organizations are building deep capabilities towards a more holistic threat intelligence, mitigation and deterrence.

Where the solution lies?

Cyber Security challenge needs serious attention of all stakeholders, Industry and the Government.

1. Key entities including Sectoral Regulators and National Cyber Security machinery need to prepare for cyber-attacks together.

2. Cyber Security Frameworks have been prepared by RBI, IRDAI for banking and insurance sectors, etc.

3. Speedy investigations and justice need to be done for cyber-related crimes.

4. Digital Literacy and Cyber Security Awareness shall be improved.

5. Cybersecurity must be a concern for developers, solution architects, businesses- large, medium, small and start-ups, academia and government.