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Skill Development

Why is skill development a necessity for India?

1. India is becoming a global power of the 21st century.

2. It has a favourable demographic dividend and increasing percentage of youth in the workforce. So, the potential for growth is very high.

3. It has the potential for socio-economic progress of the nation.

4. Skill development is vital for the enhancement of the workforce and to bring in the unused resources in the mainstream.

What are the steps taken towards skill development?

1. Skill India Mission was launched in 2015.

2. Ministry of Skill development was formulated to oversee, implement and coordinate various initiatives.

3. The program has provided youths with a platform for skill training.

4. Various flagship programmes have been launched:

a) Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

b) National Skill Development Coordination (NSDC)

c) National Skill Development Fund (NSDF)

d) National Skill Council (NSC)

e) National Skill Development Agency (NSDA)

5. National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship was approved in 2015 to create an ecosystem of empowerment by skilling on a large scale.

How to approach skill development?

1. A skill development culture needs to be built from bottom to top.

2. It should be integrated with the education system at school and college levels.

3. Vocational education for school dropouts and those pursuing higher education can be used to impart niche skills.

4. Skill Development and Entrepreneurship training for women is imperative for narrowing the gender gap.

5. Rural India should be focussed to enable the rural workforce in realizing their potential and become a part of the country’s progress.

6. Initiatives like YUVA by Delhi Police are important.

Which areas need to be included?

1. Skill Development should be amalgamated with new innovations and technology.

2. New-age skills like Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, 3D printing, Data Science should be promoted.

3. Skill development in healthcare is much needed for healthcare facilities to run smoothly and to reach all parts of the country.