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Survey on Sanitation

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A recent survey on sanitation shows that most Indians don’t have a habit of washing hands.

About the survey

1. The survey has been published by the National Statistics Organization (NSO).

2. Members of most households (99%) wash their hands before a meal. However, only 35.8% of households wash hands with water and soap or detergent.

  Just 35% Indian homes wash hands with soap, water before meals

3. There is a wide gap in the hand-washing practice before meals in urban and rural areas.

a) Members of 56% of urban households wash their hands.

b) Only 25.3% of rural households wash hands.

4. Percentage of households whose members practice handwashing with water and soap before a meal is lowest in Jharkhand (10.6%) and the highest in Sikkim (87.1%).

5. About 60.4% of households use only water to wash their hands before eating.

a) Rural- 69.9 %

b) Urban- 42.1%

6. There is about one percent of households that don’t wash hands at all before a meal.

About NSO

1. It comes under the Union Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation.

2. It is responsible for the conduct of large-scale sample surveys in diverse fields on an all India basis.

3. It collects data on rural and urban prices and plays a significant role in the improvement of crop statistics through crop estimation surveys of the State agencies.

4. It also maintains a frame of urban area units for use in sample surveys in urban areas.

Source-Indian Express