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Towards Holistic Health

What is Yoga?

1. Yoga is an ancient practice and a spiritual discipline focusing on assimilating the mind, body and nature to establish an organic harmony between all forces.

2. The word “yoga” comes from Sanskrit, which means to unite.

3. It is not just physical exercise but a means to achieve a balance between thoughts and actions and channelizing the body and energy as a holistic approach to well being.

4. It has had various lineages, traditions and driving philosophies that have led to the emergence of different traditional schools of Yoga, each with its own set of principles, objectives and practices.

How is Yoga significant in the international domain?

1. Yoga is recognized all over the world for its immensely uplifting values.

2. Each year, June 21 is celebrated as the International Day of Yoga.

3. It has a cultural and heritage value for India.

Which are the alternative systems of medicine practiced?

Allopathy is the commonly followed medicine system in India. Others are:

1. Naturopathy

2. Sidhda system of medicine

3. Ayurveda

4. Unani

5. Homeopathy

It is in relation to Allopathy that these other systems are referred to as the alternative systems of medicine.

Why are alternative systems of medicine important?

1. There has been growing consciousness around the world for improving healthcare using alternative systems of medicine, lifestyle changes and mindfulness.

2. It can undo the effects of a stressful and fast-paced lifestyle that is increasingly being recognized as the root cause of a number of health and wellness challenges.

3. It is important to integrate the preventive, curative and uplifting aspects of the traditional as well as modern systems of medicine to combat modern day health issues in a holistic and balanced manner.