Transports Internationaux Routiers’ (TIR) convention

Prelims- Economy

a) The first shipment under the United Nations ‘Transports Internationaux Routiers’ (TIR) convention arrived in India from Afghanistan through Iran’s Chabahar Port.

b) TIR convention will help in fast and easy movement of goods across multiple countries under a common customs document and guarantee.

c) India had joined the TIR Convention (the United Nations Customs Convention on International Transport of Goods under cover of TIR Carnets) in June , 2017.

d) The convention allows goods to be outlined in a TIR carnet and sealed in load compartments.

e) Customs officials verify the carnet and check the seals, with no need for physical checking of the contents, enabling shipments to pass through countries without being opened at borders.

f) Reciprocal recognition of customs controls is at the heart of the Convention.

g) This enables a facilitative and non-intrusive environment for multi-modal transport of goods through several countries.

h) The convention will help boost India’s exports and enable greater participation in the global value chains.

i) TIR will play a pivotal role in improving ease of doing business and pave the way for smoother and safer transport of goods across international borders

j) It will help boost trade between India, Central Asia, Europe and Russia.

k) The system is a win-win model for Customs, FICCI and the business community.

l) It will act as a strong catalyst for moving goods using the multi-modal transportation route like Chabahar and International North-South Transport (INSTC) Corridor.

m) The opening of Chabahar Port for TIR is hugely significant.

n) It will offer connectivity for landlocked countries, seamless border crossing facilitation and intermodal capabilities.

Source: PIB