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Value of Federalism

The central government has abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and split the state into two union territories.

What are the reasons for the abolition of special status?

1. The integration of Kashmir is in the interest of development of the region and the welfare of the people.

2. Article 370 and its associated Article 35A were considered the main hurdles in the integration of Kashmir to the rest of India.

3. This move is being considered as a necessary condition for a strong government both at the center as well as in the state.

Why is this move opposed?

1. Regional tensions continue to exist both within and between the states, which are constitutive of Indian federalism.

2. There is a need to realize that the value of states that are constitutive of federalism depends more on shared harmony and tranquility and not on the agony and estrangement of the people residing in these regions.

3. Centralization of power cannot maximize welfare.

4. Government’s stand ignores and subsumes Kashmir people’s voices against injustice.

5. An imposition rather than a deliberative process on abrogation of special status shows concentration of power by the Centre.

How effective this move can be?

1. The desire to control could be quite elusive and counterproductive.

2. Government might ignore the other spheres of conflict in Kashmir such as agriculture, employment, and urban governance.

3. The neglect of decentralized conflicts can lead to their eruption.

4. There is no clear layout on providing the development to all sections of people in Kashmir.

Which is the challenging aspect of development?

1. One of the major issues with inclusive development of Kashmir is the equitable distribution of urban spaces.

2. India has been witnessing the growing trend of distressed migration from rural to urban India and the urban areas are unable to guarantee quality of life to the people.

3. Lack of balanced and judicious regional development has led to civilizational loss.

4. For example, many villages of Uttarakhand, have turned into ghost villages without any human habitation.

5. The value of a physical region depends on how well it can support humans and ecology.