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Visual Positioning System

Google announced revamped Google maps that use a complex Visual Positioning System

(VPS) for improved navigation.

What is VPS?

1. VPS uses a camera to help figure out the location.

2. It also uses googles database along with the camera to assess our surroundings

3. It uses Augmented Reality to give additional information.

How is VPS different from GPS?

Global Positioning System

Visual Positioning System

It is a simple, chip-based device.

It is based on camera and other visual data.

It is a distance-based technology.

It will display a blown up 3-D direction and uses visual camera image.

Works poorly when it comes to close proximity.

Far more precise and can be used by uneducated as well.

It is prone to drifting due to weak signals or thick clouds, tall buildings.

It will not face the issue of drifting as it uses its own data from surroundings.

It uses satellites

It is a blend of AI Image recognition and Augmented Reality technology.

Provides voice-based guidance.

It might have animated characters in the navigation.

Why is VPS more useful?

VPS has many more benefits than GPS.

1. Aids visually impaired through its close-up visual assistance system.

2. It helps from getting lost in unfamiliar locations.

3. It will be available for all transportation methods.

4. Less dependency than GPS.

5. More useful in urban areas, indoor and outdoor areas where GPS is restricted.

6. It provides cloud-based data of physical surroundings.

7. Gives less emphasis on satellite-based data.

8. Uses geolocated photos to identify distinctive features of buildings.

9. Used in areas of Augmented Robotics and marketing.