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World Wide Web Foundation Report

Prelims- Science and Technology, Mains-GS-3-Technology

a) ‘World Wide Web Foundation’ has recently published a report that states annual Internet population growth fell from 12% to 6.5% in the past three years.

b) However, India’s rise in the affordable Internet Index surpasses that of all other 61 low and middle-income countries during the same period.

c) World Wide Web Foundation was established by Tim Berners-Lee who is known as the inventor of the Internet.

d) The Web Foundation calculates affordability as the average price of 1 GB of data relative to monthly income.

e) Effective policy making and investment have elevated India to among the most competitive mobile markets.

f) The report also mentions that the Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI) has shifted its prediction for the global halfway point for Internet penetration to May 2019. It is 2 years later than the previously anticipated date.

About ‘Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI)’

a) It is a coalition which works towards making universal, affordable internet access a reality for all.

b) It brings together businesses, governments, and civil society actors from across the globe to achieve this feet.

c) The alliance works on the ground in countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America & the Caribbean.

Source- Indian Express