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Uncertainty in Climate Science

The frequency of extreme weather events is increasing gradually in India. It results in extensive damages like a loss in property, crops, livestock, infrastructure and most importantly human loss... Read more

Indian Foreign Policy- Changing Requirements and India’s response

Diplomacy helps to justify the objectives of the foreign policy of the nation. Diplomacy promotes friendship and cooperation with other nations to enhance interdependence among nations which is the most valuable fact of international living... Read more

Weather-based Crop Insurance Scheme

The main features of this insurance format are a specific meteorological station which is named as the reference station, a trigger weather measurement at which contract starts to pay out, a ump sum or an incremental payment, etc... Read more

Balancing Affordability with Access

Healthcare system in India is characterized by expanding private sector and consequential high out-of-pocket expenditure. Major portion of health care costs is spent on therapeutics... Read more

Amendment to the ‘Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013’ and Aspirations of rural Indian youth.

Recently Government has attempted to amend the LARR act to exempt certain sectors from Social Impact Assessment studies and taking consent of landowners before acquiring the land. The Bill has been introduced the parliament to repeal the act... Read more

Farm distress in India

In March 2018, ‘Kisan Long March’, the most noteworthy agitation by farmers in Maharashtra took place. It is the manifestation of deep-seated and burgeoning structural problems within the agriculture sector... Read more