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Where the Transgender Bill Fails

A recently conducted survey by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) highlights the hardships faced by the community. 92% of the people belonging to the community are subjected to economic exclusion... Read more

Crop Residue Burning

While wheat straw is considered a good fodder, paddy straw is not, because of its silica content. This forces farmers to clear the land by burning the straw. It causes pollution, environmental degradation, and warming of temperature... Read more

Legalizing Sexualities in a Patriarchal State

Supreme Court has read down Section 377 of Indian Penal Code, declaring that sex in private between consulting adults is legal. This has given recognition to self-determination of identity... Read more

Redefining the purpose and rules of shelters

The Supreme Court has recently intervened to check the functioning of shelter homes after sexual exploitation of inmates was brought to light... Read more

Dalit cannot be reduced to Scheduled Caste

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has advised the media to refrain from using the word “Dalit”. The term “Dalit” is regarded as morally offensive and humiliating and the term “Scheduled Caste” is preferred... Read more

Are Sewer Deaths the New Normal

Recently, five sewerage workers died of toxic gas poisoning after being illegally asked to enter a sewage tank in Delhi. This is in continuation of a series of such deaths taking place across the country... Read more

The Emergence of the Personal Data Protection Bill, 2018

The government has recently come out with a draft of data protection bill, which has been made public for comments. This bill is a follow up on Justice A P Shah Committee’s suggestion of nine principles to codify the right to privacy and Justice B N Srikrishna committee’s recommendations on right to privacy and data protection... Read more