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Growth opportunities for Weaker Sections

Financial Inclusion is the process of ensuring access to financial services, timely and adequate credit for needy weaker sections and low-income groups at an affordable rate. Financial Inclusion has become a top policy priority of the Government to ensure egalitarian society... Read more

Social Change among SCs and STs

Constitution has recognized the less privileged and more disadvantaged groups based on some factors. Constitution has protected these communities through special safeguards and affirmative measures such as anti-discrimination, anti-atrocity etc... Read more

Entrepreneurship Among the Marginalised sections

Promoting entrepreneurship abilities among the marginalized and socially backward sections of the country can be used as an effective tool to counter the social malaise discrimination. It can lead to the multi-dimensional growth of these sections... Read more

Living a life of Dignity

‘Productive Ageing Concept' is premised on the solid scientific evidence that aging is keyed to the level of vigor of the body and interaction between the levels of body activity and levels of mental activity... Read more

Empowerment through Political Interventions

Empowerment is nothing but the expansion of people’s capabilities and choices, the ability to exercise choice based on freedom from hunger, want and deprivation; and the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their lives... Read more